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Shane's Roofing are your experts in tile roofing in Port Macquarie. We can supply and install a variety of suitable roof tile profiles and colours that are tailored to your home, business, strata community or investment property.

Shane's Roofing specialise in tile roofs for new homes, extensions and re-roofing of homes and businesses. We only supply top quality concrete and terracotta tiles from suppliers like Bristile, Monier and Boral.

Terracotta and cement roofing tiles both provide a beautiful, long lasting finish to roofs.

Terracotta is the more traditional choice although the tiles come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and also glazed or un-glazed. While they can be more expensive the appearance of terracotta is very stylish. They also offer a long lifespan if installed correctly by a professional roofer like Shane's Roofing Port Macquarie.

Cement tiles supplied by Shane's Roofing Port Macquarie are available in a much larger range of contemporary colours and style plus they are also lichen resistant.

We install both types of tiled roofs in Port Macquarie so it comes down to your personal preference and budget and if you are not sure Shane's Roofing are here to help you through the entire process from tiles selection, colour choice and design.

Tiled roofing is a very popular choice in Port Macquarie and because of the of the coastal salt air, lots of sunshine and occasionally very heavy rain it is important that you keep your tiled roof maintained and water tight.

Although it’s tempting to keep making patch repairs to a faulty roof, it’s often the more cost-effective and sustainable option to lay a new tiled roof.

When your roof gets to this point where it’s constantly leaking, needing patch repairs or just old and unsightly, sometimes the best solution is to replace your roof all together.

Shane's Roofing Port Macquarie offer a re-roofing service that will give your old, tired roof a fresh look and a new lease of life that will last for many years to come.


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